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Tone Electronix unveils the Animalizzer, an all-in-one overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedal

Tone Electronix Animalizzer
(Image credit: Tone Electronix)

Boutique pedal builder Tone Electronix has unveiled its latest all-in-one overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedal, the Animalizzer.

Handcrafted in Portugal, the new stompbox boasts controls for five standard functions – Volume, Fuzz, Treble, Mid and Bass – as well as three additional knobs and a three-position toggle switch for further sculpting its voice.

Other controls include a Pregain knob, which controls the input signal before entering the gain stage; a Depth knob, which controls how much low frequency is allowed to pass; a Stage I toggle switch with three clipping options – Si, LED and Open; and a Stage II rotary switch with 4 clipping options: Si, Ge, LED and Open.

The Animalizzer is available now for €220. For more information, head over to Tone Electronix.