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Way Huge aims to capture the magic of a Nashville session favorite with its new STO overdrive pedal

The Nobels ODR-1 has long been a favorite of Nashville session guitarists for its mild but firm and well-rounded sonic character. 

Now, Way Huge is aiming to capture some of the flavor of this secret sauce effects unit with its new STO overdrive pedal (that's short for Super Terrific Overdrive, mind you).

Rather than the discrete FET input found in the ODR-1, the STO features an FET op amp, while also utilizing a 4741 quad op amp in place of the ODR1’s 4558. The control layout – more reminiscent of the ODR-mini in shape – boasts Volume, Tone and Drive knobs.

Way Huge's new STO overdrive pedal in action

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop UK/YouTube)

Tonally, the pedal aims to deliver the smoothest of overdriven tones, with a seamless transition from clean to dirty and the ODR-1's much-sought-after mild midrange bump.

Though Way Huge hasn't officially listed the pedal on its website yet, it's available now on Reverb for $149.99.