100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 1 "Stairway to Heaven" (Jimmy Page)



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Eruption is number 1 obviously........... I love all the other stuff but when I heard Eruption, the world changed, in fact, when I heard VH1 the world changed, 'I'm the One' anybody! Beat that I dare you!



There is a web-troll that goes by Ritchie Blackm0re (fan club dude, not the real guy) who develops websites (currently, more than 20) to discredit Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page. If you log on to challenge him he blocks you. I guess this is some vain effort in dirty politics to elevate Deep Purple, whom I used to like. Now, not so much....



Jimmy Page doing his Dazed and Confused solo at MSG! That was one of the best solos of all time,way better then Stairway to Heaven.That entire concert/film was badass,if anybody hasn't seen the Song Remains the Same concert,you need to check it out!! A lot of great solos by each band member. If you can handle a half hour Moby Dick drum solo!!!!



This is a greatest solo list, while i'm not too fond of these lists I'd have to say this is messed up.
If you want to argue that Stairway to Heaven is the "Greatest Song" then sure, it's definitely very influential and had a huge impact, but by no means does it deserve to be #1 on the greatest solo list.


Shobhit Bhatnagar

Are you gonna kidding us with "All along the watchtower" at 5# if there is any Jimi Hendrix song which need to be in top 5 is "Purple Haze" which didn't even crack near top 50 in their list 2nd what the hell is
"you really got me " by Kinks doing at 59# it is one of the most influence guitar riffs ever played . Placing a song like "November rain" in top 10 doesn't make any sense. As much as i listen "Queen" "Keep yourself Alive" is their best guitar riff . Where the hell is "Back in black" by AC/DC one of the most important guitar solos. This is such a weird list. At the end "Rolling stone magazine 100 guitar solos " list is a pretty accurate and meaningful list however they have also some misleading choice but they are far better than this piece of shit



Certainly not the best technically, but the solo from Stairway could not be more perfect. Tension, intensely emoted melodically, harmonically and through repetition, is resolved in ways that I can only imagine J.S. Bach coming up with if he were playing a Les Paul over some Marshall stacks in 1970 instead of a Gottfried Silbermann Organ at the beginning of the 18th Century.

Those of you who do not like this solo, listen to it without the negative bias that perhaps overplay in the recent past, or dissatisfaction with Stairway ALWAYS coming in as the #1 rock song of all time no matter by what criterion it is being judged.

Just listen, shh! Listen...




i think stairway to heaven is good.... but its not great, any 5 year old can play the solo. led zeppelin is okay but they are definitely not the best....



There's a difference between a technically good solo and a sonically good solo. Example: I think Michael Angelo Batio is a great guitarist. His music, however, makes my ears bleed. Just because something is simple doesn't mean that it can't sound great. Just because something is incredibly complicated doesn't mean it can't sound like something the dog threw up, the cat ate, and coughed back up inside a hairball.



you are both GH:3 posers, that just because of the promo video they made, you think Stairway to Heaven sucks...no you suck.
And Jimmy Page overrated?It's not his fault if he's just godly, and you can't see that.
You both can't *feel* this music.You have to feel it, you have to have the *feel*, but you don't.
So please don't say bullsh*t about this perfect music.
It's not only the solo, it's the whole music.
Just perfect.



the solo from "Master of Puppets" was amazing, there also has to be some triv solos



K well i like zeppelin i think that jimmy page is way way way overrated its ridiculous hes not that awesome yeah hes got good riffs but whats the big deal about him dude hes not special at all i think that someone better could have been picked if your gonna talk about top 100 guitar solos i would say that john mayer should have been somewhere on the list he is one of the only people i have heard cover SRV and do it well not to mention the solo for belief is quite emotional. And herman li and sam totman were not anywhere on the list neither was alexi laiho come on people



dear aarontodd, is that you or you and your life partner. if your a john mayer fan, why are you on this website?



Hey, don't be knockin John Mayer. Yeah, he's pop, but he's pretty legit as a guitarist. And he has a broad appreciation for music. He's covered Hendrix and was influenced by SRV and I think he did them justice.



Stairway to heaven?! Great solo, but definately not the best. It would of been cool to see Speed Lives make the list, but I think they got the list right for the most part....Satch should've placed higher too.

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