Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time Readers Poll: Round 2 — "Highway Star" (Ritchie Blackmore) Vs. "Little Wing" (Jimi Hendrix)



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Soloing to have a great acceptance in the main stream of the song with a full band down to the keys is very easy to understand. While you can have your song with your singing on the verse and change it midstream to have the singing over some of the soloing and it in three piece unit. To make an effort approachable and get in the flow of things someone trying to mix this in a considerable effort, I can’t really hear a slow bluesy solo like little wing cut in half a very structured tempo like highway star. This is a song that when you get in your Ford 500 you just burn your tires off until the song is over. Little wing is a much undiscovered song. It’s right up there with more than words, Beth, Oracle: The Dream. In which Beth and more than words have been in commercials or movies.



Man, this looks like it is going to be a close one! Blackmore's solo has more technique, but Hendrix's solo is more emotional (in my opinion). Both are more than worthy to move on to the next round, but since I can only choose one... my vote goes to Jimi!



Which song do I like best, Little Wing
Which solo do I like better, had to go with Highway Star



As a song, especially looking at just the guitar, I would personally prefer "Little Wing". However, that is solely due to the combination of both the solo AND the beautiful playing in the intro and verses. However, if I were to solely judge based on the solo, I would pick "Highway Star". I can play both solos and while I love playing "Little Wing", it doesn't feel right if the rest of the song is missing. However, with "Highway Star", the solo is great by itself. Thus, my vote goes to the solo of "Highway Star".



OUCH!!!!!! Not freakin' fair!

Pitting "Little Wing" against "Highway Star" solos is like pitting the world's most beautiful blonde against the world's most beautiful redhead. But in the end you gotta vote, so as the old song goes, "Son, go home and make up your mind!"

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