Kurt Cobain Talks Gear and More in His Final Guitar World Interview from 1992



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hahaha this was a really good honest interview, I wish there were more of this these days...He used Mesa, that's awesome



A few years ago there was a show on the History Channel that was making a case that it might not have been suicide, that Courtney Love either shot him or had somebody else do it. They never did show it again, maybe were threatened with a lawsuit.


box of dope

smells like courtney love...



I have always been a Metal guy and in some ways Nirvana is a Metal band. The thing is, if you remember the late 80's and early 90's, Hair Metal had just been played out. You had bands like Trixter, Steelheart, and Winger coming out and it was just terrible. Nirvana and some of these other Seattle bands put integrity back into popular heavy metal when it needed it the most and I'm always thankful for a guy like Kurt Cobain. He was just what the doctor prescribed.


El Magnifico

The one quality that made nirvanas music so appealing to me was his honesty.He never came off as pretentious or stuck-up.I can especially relate to his choice of gear,stuff you can afford.there is so much gear Id love to have,but the price range makes it too far out of reach.Just a regular guy who happened to make it big.His presence in the music world will sorely be missed!


The older I get the more my perspective changes. I have now experienced extreme pain in many forms and I can now see what drove Kurt to find the exit. HONESTY was what Kurt had and in the world we live in, HONESTY glows brightly. Thank you Guitar World for bringing us this interview. It is so nice to read Kurt talking gear! Guitar World ALWAYS brings me joy.


They aren't fooling anyone anymore. You don't make millions and become internationally famous without trying really, really hard.

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