Mass Effect: The Top 50 Stomp Boxes, Devices and Processors of All Time



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Boss DS-1,MXR Dimebag Distortion,various cry babies,line 6 echo park,MXR 169 analog delay,Ernie Ball stereo volume pedal. Wah wah's always get that scratchy pot sound that drives me bonkers. Right now I am K.I.S.S = Boss Cube 30 that's all folks!






My favorite is the greatly under-rated EHX Big Muff Germanium 4. Two awesome effects (overdrive and fuzz) in one pedal for just over $100. Lovely sound when you play with the fuzz side 'volts' knob.



Im pretty sure that in a Guitar World interview Joe Satriani said he was using the POG, not the Boss pedal for super colossal.


Now your guitar can sound like Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani and many other guitarists studio album guitar sound with BOSS GT-10 Patches by James Limborg:



I'd take the TS808 over a TS9 any day though. No love for octaves either apparently. I love me some Fender Blender and Ampeg Scrambler!



Eventide Pitch Factor, Boss Octaver, Roger Mayer Octavia, Digitech Whammy are all in the list.

Reading is fundamental.

Reyna Taylor

I love the Dunlop Crybaby Wah and the Vox Wah pedals!! They're both great sounding wahs! I have my Dunlop Crybaby and it's awesome!!!! I'm thinking about getting a Vox Wah pedal too cause my favorite Female Blues guitarist, Ana Popovic, has one too. She says it's an (847) one and she says its very bluesy. She also says that it has Union Jacks on it too. I love it when Ana uses it!!! I also love of how emotional she is when she uses it too. The other pedals are cool but these, the Dunlop Crybaby Wah and the Vox Wah pedals are my two favorite ones out of those effects that you mentioned. Ana uses the Vox on every song she sings. Too many to name but I'll give you one, "Can You Stand the Heat" off her new album, 'Can You Stand the Heat'.


The Roland BOSS GT-10 is the best guitar multi effects processor. Combine the BOSS GT-10 with my BOSS GT-10 Patches and you have the best guitar amp simulator available today:


box of dope

chrome e-bow, effin jealouse!



The MT-2 Metalzone was certainly not used by Megadeth. "Hear what it wanted to sound like" might work, but it's not going to show you it in action by any means...



Marty Friedman used a Metal Zone. Go to this link

And scroll down to the #8 post, which shows a photo of Marty's Megadeth rack. There were two Metal Zone pedals in his rig. Marty used them for solos.



it was in a GW article, that Kirk Hammett did NOT use a Tube Screamer on Kill 'Em All, he used a Boss Distortion pedal. Maybe list a song from Master Of Puppets or ...And Justice For All instead?




Kill 'Em All (1983)

"When I was doing that guitar solo, I was using James' Marshall. That was the Marshall -- it had been hot-rodded by some L.A. guy, the same guy who hot-rodded Eddie Van Halen's Marshalls -- and when it came time to do my guitar leads, I just plugged into that. I had maybe four or five days to do all my leads. I remember thinking, There's 10 or 12 songs on this album, so that means two a day. I had to throw down a solo, not think much about it, and move on.

I had my trusty old Ibanez Tubescreamer, my trusty wah pedal, and my black Gibson Flying V that I used on the first four albums . . ."



Good stuff. Love the added "hear it" feature. Was happy to see a different song than "Bon Jovi - Livin On A Prayer" for the talk box effect. :)



Would have put in the Boss DD-2 instead of the DD-3. It actually was a combo analog/digital delay just like the DD-3 except it had a much better chip.



There are a lot of great effects here, and I'm sure everyone has his/her own choices. Along with the other MuTron effects, I was hoping to see the MuTron Flanger. I was lucky enough to get one in '78 and wouldn't part with it for anything (well, within reason). It turns out that there were only 1000 ever built and they're going for many times their original price.

What makes it so unique and powerful (some would say awesome) is its foot pedal that allows a player to control the sweep with his/her foot instead of the standard oscillator (which is also included). I've gotten some totally otherworldly sounds with this thing. It's also built like a tank. Mine's been through more abuse and seen more punk dives in San Francisco that I care to admit and it still works. If you happen to see one, grab it (if it's not outrageously expensive) . . .

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