Ubisoft Introduces Rocksmith 2014 Edition: Authentic Guitar Lessons, Gamified



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piros oroszlan

I would love to buy this program, as I am a beginner guitar player, but the lousy reviews in Amazon worry me.
Out of 520 people, the program received 216 five-star reviews versus a substantial 126 one-star reviews.
The main complain revolves around having to use two different platforms: Steam and Uplay.
Users complained about the program hanging up on them and having to reinstall large portions of the previous downloads.
Other people complained about the cable being of bad quality, while yet another group of people stated that ROCKSMITH only installs an online-application that won't run without your email address and acknowledges that it collects personal information. Online tech support won't come up.
Any remarks from anyone here to address these bad reviews?
I really would like to buy this program, but these 126 bad reviews have me thinking.
Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Piros Oroszlán



I have actually played both versions of the game and I love it for the following reasons:
- It inspires you to want to learn more about your instrument.
- It encourages people to play more.
- Sure it's is only tabs but it also gets you used to chord shapes and learning different playing techniques.

I started playing the game last year and I also started guitar lessons. Here's the secret: A lot of people using this to pick up the guitar have probably already played other instruments. I have played the violin and piano and already read music. I also already understand and know scales. I just wanted something that could familiarize me with the instrument and it encouraged me to sign up for lessons. Anyone who had taught adults understands that adults are more successful learners if instead of using pedagogy teachers use andragogy which is allows the adult to use their own experiences to learn new skills. It smacks of music snobbery to just dismiss this method of introducing people to playing an instrument.



This program only gives tab? Where is the notion, I hope it offers both if the student of this program decides to get his or degree in music there are gonna be really disappointed. I would change the fretboard making all notes identifiable with proper notation, but the overall idea is fantastic with our technology movement which eliminates real work by the pupil.


box of dope

i still believe in the way i learned, practice till it sinks in, and listen to vulger display over & over.



True, most known instrumentalists practiced 8 to twelve hours, but the average student should practice at least 2 hours a day. This program shows no timing, nothing showing beets per measure for notes, it seems like guitar hero 3D

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