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Jazz Guitar Corner: Anatomy of a Lick — George Benson Bluesy ii V I

George Benson is a master soloist, and his command of jazz guitar vocabulary is up there with the best improvisers of his generation. While learning to play George’s licks can be a great way to dig into his sound and bring some of his lines into your solos, it can be much more beneficial to dissect his licks to see what concepts he was using to build these great-sound lines. That way, you can... …

Jazz Guitar Corner: Using the m7b5 Chord to Comp and Solo

Comping and chord soloing over minor ii V i chord progressions can be a tough hurdle to get over when beginning your journey into the realm of jazz guitar. While there are many different voicings you can use to comp or solo over this common progression, with many offering important chord colors that should be explored in your practice routine, sometimes the easiest way to navigate this... …