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100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 2 "Eruption" (Eddie Van Halen)

It is hard to imagine a more appropriately titled piece of music than Edward Van Halen’s solo guitar showcase, “Eruption.” When the wildly innovative instrumental was released in 1978, hit the rock guitar community like a hydrogen bomb. Two-handed tapping, gonzo whammy bar dips, artificial harmonics—with Van Halen’s masterly application of these and other techniques, “Eruption” made every other... …

Eddie Van Halen Engaged

In a news item posted on People magazine’s web site,, Eddie Van Halen is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend/publicist Janie Liszewski. ... …

Eddie Van Halen's Ride Up for Auction

   Eddie Van Halen's 1956 Chevrolet 210 will be offered for sale at the Barrett-Jackson Auction at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona, in January 2009. The maroon colored car comes complete with "Wolf VH" license plates and features a V8 454ci engine and dark grey interior. The car has been owned by Eddie Van Halen since 1991. For complete specs, go here.    …