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Bonnie Raitt Lays Down an Acoustic Blues — Video Finds

I admit it. I just love Bonnie Raitt.

Is there a more bad-ass female musician out there? I would argue she’s the queen of blues guitar.

Raitt, now 69-years-old, is still as hot (and cool) as ever. She released her first album, Bonnie Raitt in 1971 and has been dishing it out ever since.

She’s been nominated for and has won countless Grammy awards, including the Grammy for Best American Album in 2013 for her album, Slipstream.

There are so many killer performances by this soulful guitarist, but this one I particularly like.

While she can typically be found sporting a Strat, here she performs “Love Me Like a Man” on acoustic guitar with lots of bluesy riffs and a killer solo thrown in for good measure.