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Emarosa's Stripped Down "I'll Just Wait" — Exclusive Video Premiere

It’s Thanksgiving eve. I’ve eaten turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce.

But wait, could something be missing? Yes, it’s this beautiful song by Emarosa.

Its gorgeous and moving sentiment personifies everything you wished someone would say to you.

The band’s singer, Bradley Walden, really shines here with heartfelt vocal delivery. He shares, "It took about 4 takes to get this. I kept losing it mid song and having to walk away. Sometimes emotionally, I can't handle it (I'll Just Wait), but the way we did this version is as raw as it gets.”

Formed in Lexington, KY in 2006, Emarosa is Bradley Walden, ER White, Jordan Stewart and Will Sowers. The band recently released their album Versus on September 9th via Rise Records.

They recently finished up a nationwide tour with Yellowcard and played all dates of Riot Fest.

Check it out here>>