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Exclusive Video Interview: Andy Power’s Role in the Future of Taylor Guitars

Let’s say you have a successful, well-respected company that makes gorgeous instruments.

And let’s say that you, as the co-founder, are getting’ on in years and thinking’ that one day you might not want to be the one running this company any more.

And then, just for kicks, let’s say you write a list of all the qualities you’d want in the perfect successor. Stuff that it turns out is really special and hard to find all in one person.

And then, just hypothetically, let’s say you put the good vibes out into the universe of all of those important qualities and attributes for your still fictional successor.

What would happen? Would the universe answer in the positive or not at all?

Well, Bob Taylor did all of those things.

As part of our celebration of Taylor Guitar’s 40th anniversary, we sat down and had a chat with Bob Taylor. Check out this video as he and Andy Powers share what happened next!

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