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The Ludlow Thieves’ “Almost” Video Contains 69 Years of Lovely Footage

After surviving a car accident that tragically claimed the lives of seven others, The Ludlow Thieves frontman Dan Musengo moved to NYC and dedicated himself to music.

In the meantime, fellow musician Dan Teicher had been searching for the right band his entire life.

At a party, Teicher’s friend recommended reaching out to Danny Musengo and described his voice as “Rod Stewart on two packs of smokes.”

Within weeks the two met, and The Ludlow Thieves were born.

Along their journey, they picked up Laura Martin on vocals, Bruno Esrublisky on drums, Isamu McGregor on piano / keys and Amanda Lo on violin. Dan Teicher says the band has exciting developments ahead, “The band feels fully formed, fully developed, and like we are on some kind of amazing mission.”

Today, we are sharing the band’s latest video for the song “Almost,” which has a interesting back story.

Teicher discovered footage of his grandparents' journey of love, marriage, and family, and compiled these clips into a music video, pairing the beautiful footage along with the equally beautiful tune. This inspirational love story is strung together by a folksy, stark acoustic guitar and pizzicato strings.

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