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Video: GoPro Footage of Mike Dawes Performing "The Impossible"

We've had a bit of fun with incredible guitarist Mike Dawes over the last few weeks.

If you haven't had a chance to check out our exclusive interview or, my favorite, Dawes' one-handed harmonics lesson, please do!

We couldn't resist mounting a GoPro camera on the headstock of Dawes' guitar as he played his original composition, "The Impossible."

We're sharing two versions here, one with a split screen so you can see him straight on and from the neck down, so to speak. This angle gives us an interesting view of his left-hand fingering and right-hand pyrotechnics.

Check 'em both out! Find out more about Dawes at

Here's the split-screen video with traditional camera on the right and a GoPro mounted to the headstock on the left:

Here's a version with just the GoPro footage. I think this is freaky enough that I want to see it on the full screen!