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Video: Our Exclusive Interview With Lee DeWyze

It’s been a pleasure to feature Lee DeWyze on Acoustic Nation recently, and today we’re proud to release our exclusive interviews with this talented singer/songwriter.

Below, Acoustic Nation Editor Laura B. Whitmore sits down with DeWyze for a no-holds-barred discussion about his latest LP Frames, his experience winning American Idol, as well as his songwriting and playing techniques. And, since no Acoustic Nation interview would be complete without some healthy gear-talk, DeWyze fills us in on his personal guitars as well.

After checking out the interview, be sure to watch our Play It Now video where DeWyze teaches you how to play his hit song, “Fight.”

You can also watch exclusive videos, shot right in our studio, of DeWyze performing acoustic renditions of the tracks “Frames,” “Don’t Be Afraid,” and the aforementioned “Fight.”

Lee discusses his new album Frames and his experience on American Idol

His experience recording Frames

Learning to play and early experience

Guitars and gear

The writing process

The meaning behind Frames

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