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Exclusive Video Premiere: Peter Mulvey "What Else Was It"

Today we’re happy to give you the premiere of Peter Mulvey’s video for “What Else Was It.”

Featuring actress Flora Coker, the track comes from Mulvey’s latest album, Silver Ladder.

The video is simple, but the message is clear. “Visually, this video says what I want the song to say to people: that life is a fleeting, aching, luminous mystery,” Mulvey shares.

“Josh and Michael at Mindpool did fine work filming and editing it, and Flora Coker, one of my favorite actors, was stellar."

Produced by the indomitable Chuck Prophet, Silver Ladder is a lean, muscular collection of tightly constructed songs, leavening Mulvey’s tendency toward ruminative and yearning acoustic songs with a dose of sharp-witted, punchy rock and roll.

“What Else Was It” just might be the album’s most special track.

Mulvey confesses, “When we were done tracking, David Kemper, the drummer on the record (who played with Dylan for five years) walked across the studio from his booth and took my hand and said, ‘I hope you know how special this song is.' It really touched me.”

Watch the premiere of “What Else Was It” below:

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