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Double-Neck “Bouzoukitara” Guitar Demo Video

Not sure how many bouzouki players we have out there, but this video is worth your attention no matter what stringed instrument you play.

Meet the “Bouzoukitara.”

Where did it come from? Yossi Sassi — who plays the acoustic bouzouki (think Greek mandolin) and electric guitar — was looking for an efficient way to switch between both instruments.

After collaborating with luthier Benjamin Millar, the two came up with an instrument they've dubbed the Bouzoukitara. The video below demos their latest model, the Mark II.

The double-neck instrument has a shared surface, so when one guitar is played, it resonates to the open strings of the other guitar, allowing the player to produce unique sound layers.

Hear it for yourself below and tell us what you think!

Find out more about guitar builder Benjamin Millar at and Yossi Sassi at