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Will Dailey's 'National Throat' Debuts in the Top 20

Boston’s Will Dailey hit a career milestone with new album National Throat that debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

National Throat, inspired by a souring relationship with Will’s former business partner, is Dailey’s first release in seven years without a major label and the first charting position of Will’s career.

Dailey willingly walked away from the largest label in the world, took charge and involved his fans in a communal creative process through Pledge Music to make National Throat.

“Do I care about chart positions...not particularly,” says Dailey. “I never had to ask myself that until now though and it does feel great. I do care about great songs and tracking them. National Throat Charting in the top 20 on the Heatseekers chart for me means that that a large number of people connected to its story. That's a huge accomplishment I shared with my fans, band, team members and even Boston. That's what started and supported this journey of making this album a communal process. There is no such thing as DIY.”

The title National Throat was inspired by a protest essay written by John Phillip Sousa called "The Menace of Mechanical Music." Faced with the advent of the recording of music (the invention of the Gramophone) and an onslaught of innovation, Sousa feared the sacred creative entity he had dedicated his entire life to serve would be forever ruined by technology. Nearly a century later, with music treading on similar fault line, Dailey asks these same questions with National Throat.

Here's his official video for "Sunken Ship"

The release of this record is the tip of the iceberg for Dailey who will continue to play shows through the end of the year including a tour of France later this month.

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