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The Cerny Brothers 'Sleeping Giant' — Exclusive Album Premiere

Today we’re pleased to premiere the stream of Sleeping Giant, the new release by The Cerny Brothers.

The album is a thoughtful blend of acoustic-y goodness supported by some driving beats and heavier guitars. It’s the perfect union of Americana and rock.

At the core of the band are brothers Robert and Scott Cerny, who handle vocals, guitars and banjo. Joining them are drummer Robert Anderson and Alby Hickman on bass.

The album opens with some agile banjo pickin’ and rolls into the upbeat opener, “Porch Lights.” The song’s sense of urgency is portrayed with solid vocal delivery and a steady build. "Porch Lights is about being young, desperate and hungry in a place that can't contain your ambitions,” explains guitarist Scott Cerny.

A personal favorite track is “Shaking The Blues,” with a mournful harmonica lead and a dynamic deliver. The brothers share, “This is a song about being as honest as you can with yourself, realizing that some of the feelings you feel are probably not the best, but regardless they're real and they're most likely there for a reason. It's about how as people we sometimes don't think the best thoughts, but a lot of the times it's because we're trying to shake off some weight being pressed on us from somewhere else.”

Other favorites include the catchy “Middle Of Winter,” and “Words Like A Rock,” with its lovely cello intro and a truly heartfelt message. Even the ooo’s are like a mournful wind. It closes with the simple and haunting "Lonely Seas," a song with solo banjo and a lovely melodic sentiment.

Overall the album is a wonderful collection of well-written, and well-arranged songs. The instrumentation, the energy, they all contribute to an excellent offering. From knee-slappers to sadly sweet ballads, Sleeping Giant is a very satisfying listen. Check it out now!

Sleeping Giant will be released worldwide on May 12, 2015 via Krian Music Group. The album was recorded at legendary Bear Creek Studios in Seattle with producers Jerry Streeter and Ryan Hadlock, who are known for their work with Brandi Carlile and The Lumineers.

Sleeping Giant signifies a new direction for the band, as the music has turned from an acoustic, folk element to a more electric, American rock sound while still keeping the folk spirit from their earlier work.

The songs on Sleeping Giant deal with becoming a man and finding identity in a constantly changing world, staying rooted in something that can be shaken but not moved, and realizing that we all have a sleeping giant inside of us waiting to be set free.

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Laura B. Whitmore

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