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Clip-On Tuner Poll — Players’ Pick

We are thrilled to launch Acoustic Nation Players’ Pick –– a new poll series designed to let YOU decide what gear is deserving of our award.

For our first poll, it’s all about clip-on guitar tuners.

Of all the gear necessary for today’s guitarist, the tuner might be the most important.

After all, if you’re not in tune, you’re definitely not going to win over a crowd.

Clip-on tuners offer convenience and functionality that have made them wildly popular today. With that said, we’ve all had our good and bad days with these things.

For example, it can be a bummer when you’re playing outside on a sunny day and can’t see the readout. Or how about that time your tuner fell off your headstock mid-performance?

All-in-all, these handy little critters are indispensable, and a number of manufacturers offer well-designed and affordable models. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with few or many features. Here are some of the most popular clip-on tuners available.

Pick your favorite of the bunch from the list below and help us honor them with an Acoustic Nation Players' Pick award! Voting ends October 15, 2014.