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Exclusive Song Premiere: Edward David Anderson “Lost & Found”

Today we’re happy to present the premiere of Edward David Anderson’s new track, “Lost & Found.”

The song is featured on his upcoming debut solo LP, Lies & Wishes, slated for release on April 29.

Anderson, who previously fronted Midwest rock band Backyard Tire Fire, collaborated with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos for the recording.

While his previous work was electric driven, his solo venture is centered around the acoustic guitar. Lies & Wishes was written in a time of great upheaval, as Anderson was processing the dissolution of Backyard Tire Fire and his mother passing away.

"A lot of the subject matter on this record came from reflecting on these painful experiences," says Anderson. "After losing my mom, I decided I’ve got to make a record and dedicate it to her and make a statement here on my own."

By implementing a drum loop (per Berlin's suggestion), Anderson takes a different route with “Lost & Found.” “Steve decided early on to mute the old nylon string guitar I was playing, and did so with a folded up paper towel under the bridge. That really seemed to help lock the guitar in with the rhythm track,” he says.

“I love what this tune turned in to. A true collaboration – and probably my favorite song on the record!"

Listen to the premiere of “Lost & Found” below:

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