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Hear Two Songs From The Bones of J.R. Jones’ Debut Full Length

Brooklyn based blues and roots man The Bones of J.R. Jones debut full length Dark was the Yearling is out today worldwide.

The Bones of J.R. Jones is the early-twentieth-century bluesman persona of Brooklyn’s Jonathon Linaberry.

Linaberry’s road into music started in the hardcore punk scene in upstate New York where he grew up.

His musical landscape took a huge shift after being gifted a collection of records called "American Roots Music" by his father. He then developed a deep seeded love for classic folk and blues, best exemplified by early torch bearers like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Lightin' Hopkins. The very same thing that drew him to the punk scene drew him to this music the idea and promise of timeless music, the kind uncontaminated by passing trends.

Listen to album cut “Good Friend of Mine”:

It’s via the live show that The Bones of J.R. Jones has established itself as a spellbinding musical force: there’s Linaberry, all by his lonesome, playing several instruments – guitar, banjo, bass drum, high-hat – all at once, transforming any setting, no matter how visibly modern, into an old-time roadside juke joint.

Listen to album cut “Hearts Racing”:

The Bones of J.R. Jones will be taking songs from the new album on the road this summer and fall with east and west coast tours to be announced soon.

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