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Raul Midón's "Don't Hesitate" - Exclusive Premiere

Today I’m excited to share the track “Don’t Hesitate,” the title track from Raul Midón’s new album, slated for release September 30.

With fun and funky rhythmic elements and a kickin’ organ, the song delivers a message of unity. “When it comes to needing love we’re all the same.”

Midón’s skilled musicianship and silky vocal delivery shine on this track, and the entire album for that matter. With a Latin rhythmic backbone, pop sensibility and extremely solid guitar playing, Midón’s writing and production on this album are truly excellent.

Midón shares, "“From a guitar stand-point this one is in the key of B which some would not consider a 'guitar key. I don’t ever pick keys based on how they lay on the guitar, unless I really want those open strings. To me, B, sounds bright and hopeful. This song is about reaching out to the world for connection It could be someone next door or a stranger. This is my “we are all one” song.”

Listen to “Don’t Hesitate” here:

Despite being blind since birth, Midón is a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist and singer who has collaborated with musical legends such as Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, and, on his forthcoming album, Bill Withers.

You can catch an amazing live performance of his song "State of Mind" on David Letterman here:

His song, "Mi Amigo Cubano", which was co-written by R&B legend Bill Withers, recently premiered on USA Today.

Don't Hesitate is a musical and personal milestone for Midón, who took control of every aspect of the album's recording process, despite being blind since birth. The artist cut all of the tracks in his home studio, playing most of the instruments himself and handling all of the project's technical elements on his own, utilizing special computer software that enabled him to engineer the sessions.

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