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Secret Broadcast Pulled Over While Filming "Killing Time" Music Video in Van

Toronto-based rockers Secret Broadcast have released a new music video for a song called "Killing Time."

You can check it out below. If you do, stick around for the unplanned ending ... the part where their moving vehicle is pulled over by the police.

In the video, which was shot with three GoPro cameras, the band is seen performing "Killing Time" in a van. Lead singer Matt Lightstone drives while drummer Keith Heppler plays a kids' drum kit. The guitar and bass amps are battery powered.

All goes well for about three minutes, but they bungle the end of the song when they get pulled over by the cops. By the way, the band assures us the ending is not staged. It's just a shame we can't see the aftermath ... or the cop, for that matter.

Anyway, not that we're suggesting you should skip through the video, but the first police siren is heard at 3:05. The inevitable "Oh, shit" moment arrives at 3:26.

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