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Beaux Cheveux Premiere Video for "Free Love"

Here’s a fun romp of a song and video with funkified rhythmic guitar, driving drums and a free flowing vibe. It’s “Free Love” from two-piece super-group Beaux Cheveux.

Guitarist Adrian “Angus” Conner of Hell’s Belles and drummer Clementine (Bonzo) of Zepparella have joined forces to break down all boundaries and flex their considerable muscle in the world of original music. Beaux Cheveux’s full-length debut album RO SHAM BO will be released on December 15, 2017. Pre-orders happen here:

Clementine shares, “’Free Love’ started out with lyrics expressing frustration with current events and the lack of love in the world, and my hippie notion: ‘Can’t we all just get along? Doesn’t love make everything all right?’ Adrian came up with a sexy little ‘wakkawakka’ and the dance-number celebration was born.”

RO SHAM BO is an exquisite nine tracks that place one foot in the future with electronic textured instruments, and the other foot in the roots of 70’s rock where guitar and monster drums reigned supreme. Together, Adrian and Clementine have conjured up their trippy, Dream Pop style. “Free Love” is a danceable romp in the hay.

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