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Black Sabbath Perform in Frankfurt, Germany, June 21, 1970 — Newly Unearthed Video

It's always nice to come back to work after a long holiday weekend and discover some recently unearthed, high-quality footage of Black Sabbath in action in 1970.

Below, check out a recently posted video (May 26, 2014) of Sabbath in concert at the open-air Radstadion in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 21, 1970.

This video is top notch in pretty much every way: sound quality, video quality and pure energy. The five-minute-plus clip features includes crowd shots and closeups of Bill Ward, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler. Unfortunately, the cameraman almost goes out of his way to avoid Tony Iommi.

After about three minutes of "War Pigs," the video turns into a documentary (which is much more useful if you speak German) before shifting to a performance of "Iron Man."

As always, enjoy!