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Dueling Guitars: Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy Trade Licks in 1969 — Video

Below, check out a fascinating—but very brief—video of Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy exchanging licks in 1969.

The clip, which looks like extra footage from an event called Supershow, also known as "the Last Great Jam of the Sixties," shows Clapton, playing a Gibson Firebird, and Guy, playing a Strat, going head to head, copying each other's licks for a few fun seconds—until things devolve into a pentatonic free-for-all.

That looks like former Cream bassist Jack Bruce—another Supershow performer—at the very end of the clip, by the way.

For another highlight from this event, be sure to check out Buddy Guy Plays "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with Jack Bruce and Buddy Miles in 1969. Buddy Guy wore some great suits back then!

If you have more information about this clip, please let us know in the COMMENTS below. Enjoy!

Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy, Dueling Guitars

Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy Exchanging Licks... Need we say more??

Posted by Guitar Loves on Tuesday, October 27, 2015