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Five Epic Guitar TV Theme Songs

Some of the greatest memories we have as people are the TV shows we grew up watching. After not seeing some of these shows for years, it’s easy to forget how special they were to us.

A large part of why we love our favorite shows is the music that went along went along with them, spurring a sense of giddiness and anticipation as we waited for the first scene to begin. Some TV theme songs were so good that we would look forward to the opening credits almost more than the show itself.

Writing an effective, timeless jingle is an art form that is often overlooked by musicians and non-musicians alike, but it is imperative to any great show’s success. Just imagine what Seinfeld would have been like without the funky midi bass groove and popping mouth sounds? If South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone hadn’t had the dirty chickin’ pickin’ stylings of Primus, that introduction would have never propelled the viewer into Catman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny’s world as effectively as it did.

This list concentrates on theme songs that are heavy on the guitar side of things, and of course there are omissions, but sometimes it’s best to leave ‘em wanting more than to try and cater to everyone, so keep that in mind as you enjoy my take of what I consider to be the absolute best, most memorable guitar-centric TV theme songs of my life.

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