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Fretless Guitarist Alek Darson Premieres "Fingers Painted Purple" Performance Video — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Fingers Painted Purple," a new performance video by guitarist Alek Darson.

The video, which includes a live rendition of a hidden track from Darson's debut EP, Panopticon, features a ROLI Seaboard, a Wood Guerilla fretless guitar and a seven-piece string section arranged by Eren Basbug. The clip was produced and directed by Ivana Darson.

The band in the video includes Darson on fretless guitar, Basbug on Seaboard, Diego Edsel on piezo guitar and Joey Calderone on fretless bass.

"We got a creative team of 18 musicians and filmmakers from Berklee College of Music and Emerson College together to make this live video version," Darson said. "This way, the public will get a chance experience the song in this format."

For more about Darson, visit is available for download here.