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Watch Gregg Allman's "Song for Adam" Music Video

Today, the music video for "Song for Adam"—the closing track on the late Gregg Allman's final solo album, Southern Blood—was released. You can watch it above, via Rolling Stone.

The song was written by Jackson Browne, who also contributes vocals to Allman's recording of the song.

"Don’s [Don Was, who produced Southern Blood] master stroke was bringing in Jackson [Browne] to sing backing vocals on 'Song for Adam,'" Scott Sharrard—Allman's former musical director—told Guitar World about "Song for Adam" in September.

"We were about to lose the track because Gregg never sang the last two lines. Don did a wonderful job editing the take together and bringing in Jackson’s distinct voice gives the song a deeper meaning."

"Jackson and Gregg were such good friends and admirers of each other’s work since they were teenagers, I couldn’t think of a better way for the record to come to a conclusion than with a lyric that Gregg always related to through the tragic loss of his brother at a young age. Personally, it reminds me that my greatest hope is that they are together somewhere in the cosmos admiring the grand picture and pulling for all of us that got left behind."

You can pick up a copy of Southern Blood here.