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Greta Van Fleet Announce New EP, 'From the Fires'

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw

The much buzzed-about Michigan quartet, Greta Van Fleet, have announced a new EP, titled From the Fires.

The EP—which is set for a November 10 release via Lava/Republic—contains eight tracks, four previously released cuts from the band's second EP—Black Smoke Rising—and four brand new tracks.

The inspiration for From the Fires—according to vocalist Josh Kiszka—came from summer trips into the woods with his family.

"When we were all kids, our extended families and friends spent part of every summer together at a place called Yankee Springs. We were out in the middle of the woods, and every night, we'd sit around a campfire, play music and tell stories," he said in a press release.

"I always loved that, as it reminded me of ancient times when people would gather around the fires with the tribes' elders telling fables of wisdom and courage, passing down human history. That concept is where the cover art and title come from."

The members of the band have never been shy about their obvious classic rock influences, and seek to bring the style and attitude of those artists back into mainstream music.

“That big riff style that [Jimmy] Page pioneered is something that always excited me," guitarist Jake Kiszka told Guitar World last month.

"I think it’s a little sad that huge rock riffs are lacking in a lot of today’s music. Maybe if people see what we’re doing and how cool it is, we can help make it come back.”

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