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Guitarist Films Oscillating Guitar Strings by Putting iPhone Inside His Guitar — Video

Have you seen this one?

A few years ago, a guy put his iPhone 4 into his acoustic guitar (with the camera lens facing the sound hole) and recorded the entire experiment on video using the phone's camera.

I guess he wanted to see what acoustic guitar strings look like when they're being played. What he captured is mesmerizing, as many would agree.

Many, however (as you can see from some very recent 2015 comments on this 2011 video), are calling this a hoax. Here are some examples:

  • * "This is fake. Sounds change speed to accomplish different notes, they don't change shapes. Sounds can have different shapes, but it would sound distorted; not like this."
  • * "I smell bullshit. Cheesy iPhone technology bullshit."
  • * "This is fake, the video should be slowed like x20 before that would be even possible (it is not even, if we would do that). People plz don't look at this kind of bullshit, and most important, don't believe it."

What's your opinion? Remember you could always try it yourself—especially if you still have an iPhone 4 (and not a 3, 5 or a 6).