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Guitarist Plays Along to Sobbing Japanese Politician — Video

I don't know why this video exists, but exist it does.

Because my Japanese is incredibly rusty (and/or nonexistent), I'm not totally sure what's going on here. But it seems as though a politician or public figure was involved in some sort of scandal (as usual). So he appeared on TV to cry about it.

And, of course, a guitarist (wearing a bow tie — maybe he's a waiter?) saw the video, got a kick out of the moans and cries of the politician or public figure and figured he'd mimic them with his guitar. And he made a video of it.

It's actually sort of interesting.

P.S.: If anyone anyone out speaks Japanese and can help explain what's going on, please add a comment below; we'll update the story with any new info.

UPDATE: A commenter (gsallan) has offered the following info:

"Nonomura (the screaming guy) was a member of the Hyogo Prefecture Assembly, and racked up about $30,000 worth of shady travel expenses that he can't justify. The picture-in-picture is from his reaction to being questioned."

Thank you, gsallan!

Damian Fanelli

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