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Guitarist Plays 'Stranger Things' Theme Song on a Harp Guitar

Stranger Things, the original Netfilx series about a suburban Indiana boy who goes missing (in the most incredibly creepy, monster-filled, horrible way), has more than its share of rabid fans—myself included.

But it's safe to say that a lot of people tune in just to hear the show's masterpiece of a theme song, with all its undulating arpeggios.

The tune's magic comes from layer upon layer of big, beautiful, sultry synthesizer tracks that are drenched in the classic production style of the early Eighties.

Below, check out a new—and synth-free—version of the song as performed by Canadian guitarist Jamie Dupuis, who breaks out his harp guitar for the occasion.

While we're on the topic of the Stranger Things theme, be sure to watch the bottom video, "The Synth Sounds of Stranger Things," which was posted earlier this year by Reverb. In the clip, Reverb's Justin DeLay takes you deep into the analog "Upside Down" (watch the show) and demonstrates how to approximate the theme's sounds on analog synthesizers of the day.

For more clips by Dupuis, be sure to visit his YouTube channel.