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Hear Axl Rose Rehearsing with AC/DC in New Leaked Clips

(Image credit: Chris McKay/Getty Images)

Two brief videos that are said to feature audio of Axl Rose rehearsing with AC/DC have emerged online in the past day. The clips, below, contain snippets of Rose and the group playing “Thunderstruck” and “Shoot to Thrill.”

Both clips are brief and contain no relevant video. Considering they were recorded from outside the studio, it’s obvious the band is rehearsing at full volume. And you were wondering why Brian Johnson’s hearing is shot?

It’s not clear where the rehearsals are taking place. One of the video titles suggests the location is Lisbon, the site of AC/DC’s first show with Axl Rose on May 7. Full tour information is available on AC/DC’s website.

These clips may not be around for very long. Enjoy them now.


“Shoot to Thrill”