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Irontom Premiere New Song, "Feel Good Inc." — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Feel Good Inc.," a new song (and free download) by Malibu, California-based rockers Irontom.

As a bonus, we're also including the band's new music video for "The Minista." You can enjoy both below.

Yes, "Feel Good Inc." is a Gorillaz cover, and that is indeed Charlie Sheen in the "Minista" video.

Irontom features Harry Hayes (lead vocals), Zach Irons (guitar), Dane Sandborg (bass), Dan Saslow (keys) and Dyl Williams (drums). "We feel like we're progressing all the time," Irons says. “We’re not worried about fitting in.

"The concept and the premise of the video was to be a surrealist ball, and it’s heavily inspired by the art of Salvador Dalí and Magritte,” Williams says. “We had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a great friend, [Academy Award-winning makeup artist] David LeRoy Anderson. His style and artistic vision captured our sound perfectly."

Check out the video (and the free "Feel Good Inc." song download) below! As always, tell us what you think in the comments below or on Facebook. For more about Irontom, follow them on Facebook.