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John Varvatos Releases “JV on Tour” Video Featuring Photographer Mick Rock

(Image credit: John Varvatos)

Fashion company John Varvatos recently released the latest installment in its "JV on Tour” series, a video short exploring London’s revolutionary Seventies music scene with seminal rock photographer Mick Rock.

The documentary, which you can watch below, is shot in high-contrast black and white and directed by Benjie Croce. The clip follows Mick and John on a journey to the locations of some of Mick’s most iconic, personal photographs.

They hit Blakes Hotel where Mick shot Lou Reed; Wetherby Mansions, where he photographed Syd Barrett for his Madcap Laughs album cover; and The Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane, where his iconic photo of “the Terrible Trio”—Bowie, Iggy and Lou Reed—was snapped just before Bowie’s first ever U.S. Ziggy Stardust tour.

There were stops at the Hotel Café Royal where Mick captured amazing images of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed together after Bowie’s last ever performance as Ziggy Stardust and Portobello Road, where he often went as a child and later as an adult, when he lived nearby.

This revealing film shows the up close and personal access Mick had in order to capture such intimate moments in time. Moments based on trust that wouldn’t be possible in today’s commercial world that pays tribute to a very different dynamic between celebrities and photographers. We also follow Mick, to Shoreditch in London’s historic East End, as he photographs emerging artist Willow Robinson, demonstrating that he still produces fantastic and arresting images that people will continue to remember.

“What a great time I had in London, revisiting locations where I had shot some of my iconic images in my earlier years. Delighted to be able to share these magic sessions with my very good friend John Varvatos, and also to shoot the very photogenic Willow Robinson in some classic London locations,” said Mick Rock.

“Mick has created emotional and powerful images that transcend time, while defining pop culture history. I loved going behind the scenes with him in London to discover the stories that gave rise to these moments,” said John Varvatos.

“JV on Tour” explores the world in the signature style of John Varvatos. From popular destinations to creative underground havens, the designer experiences various cities with friends and legends of the music industry, noting the coolest and most interesting places to eat, drink, create, rock, record and stay.

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