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Marty Friedman Premieres "Whiteworm" Music Video

Marty Friedman is set to release his new solo album, Wall of Sound, on Friday via Prosthetic Records. Now, he has unveiled the music video for "Whiteworm," one of the album's most torrential tracks.

The video, which Friedman says has a "definite 'real world' Japanese look," was directed by acclaimed Japanese music director Junya Masuyama.

"I chose him to challenge him (Masuyama) to put a foreigner (myself) into a very Japanese atmosphere in such a way that was not 'Japan overload,'" Friedman added. "It was quite easy for him to do so, as his videos tend to be minimalistic, with the focus on one or two subtle themes."

"Japan can be known for its wildness, but it also corners the market on subtle things. I went the subtle route on this video to contrast with the wildness of the guitar work in 'Whiteworm.'"

You can watch the video for "Whiteworm" below. For more on Friedman and Wall of Sound, stop by his website.