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PiL Singer John Lydon Gets Head Split Open by Fan with Bottle

Public Image Ltd. frontman John Lydon showed he’s one tough mofo after someone threw a bottle at him at the group’s show in Santiago, Chile, on August 14.

The incident left the former Sex Pistol with a deep and bloody gash in his forehead, which he attempted to stanch with a towel, as seen in a video of the incident below.

“Who’s the fucking coward?” Lydon demanded, as a man onstage pointed out someone in the audience.

  • Rather than call it a night, the singer wrapped his head with towel, turban-like, to the cheers of the audience. “We continue!” he announced before tearing back into the song.
  • According to an eyewitness, Lydon intervened when fans began attacking the man who threw the bottle.

“I moved near the stage and saw how many people were giving an ultraviolent lesson to the guilty,” the fan tells Team Rock, “and John said to people, ‘Leave him.’ They restarted the show with [the song] ‘Public Image.’”

After the show, Lydon posted a photo of his damaged face on PiL’s Facebook page.

“Glass attack last night at Santiago,” he wrote. “No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives. Anyone got any more pictures?”

Have a look.