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Sages Premiere "With You" Guitar Playthrough

Today, Guitar World teamed up with rising Sacramento hard-rockers Sages to present the exclusive premiere of the playthrough video for their song, "With You." You can watch it above.

In the video, Sages guitarist Dino Vidovich—who already wowed us with a fantastic "Betcha Can't Play This" in November—takes you through the song's challenging, intricate intro.

  • "'With You' is one of the songs that I feel does a pretty good job at giving listeners a general idea of what we're about," Vidovich tells us. "We definitely go further into the prog rock stuff on the album, but in general, this song seems to sum up the overall vibe fairly well."

For the song, Vidovich used an old Fender Strat, going into a Line 6 Pod HD500 direct into Pro Tools. The track is taken from the band's debut album, Sleepwalker, which you can check out for yourself right here.

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