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'SNL' Guitarist Jared Scharff Adds Unnecessary Shredding to The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" — Video

Saturday Night Live guitaristJared Scharff has a new web series called Unnecessary Shredding.

In it, Scharff adds lots of tasteful shredding to songs that are devoid of shredding—if not devoid of guitars, period.

In his latest video, posted to the interwebs September 14, Scharff adds some unnecessary shredding to "Can't Feel My Face" by the Weeknd. As an added twist, he shot this one in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

"Bustin' out a few notes in front of the Eiffel," Scharff writes. "I recorded this with my Apple laptop into Pro Tools, then re-amped with a Kemper Profiler. The guitar is my one-of-a-kind Fano Psonicphear. You can download the sound on the Kemper Profiler Rig Manager: Jared 19 JCM900 SG NECK."

Stay tuned for more Unnecessary Shredding!