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Vince Gill Visits Guitar Center

Country star—and guitarist extraordinaire—Vince Gill recently dropped by the Guitar Center Nashville Platinum Room to discuss his early musical endeavors and what drives him today.

"I’ve always been a versatile player," Gill told me in 2011, when he visited Guitar World. "I’ve played all kinds of music, and I think when people see the “country music” moniker to begin with, they’re going to expect the same thing from the guitar player.

"I feel like I’m chameleon enough as a musician to play what fits. If it’s a bluesy tune, you play and find those tones and sounds.

"If you want it to be harder, you play harder. It’s really important that it’s authentic. If you need something like Eric Clapton, that’s what you choose to do. You don’t play jazz licks over a rock song."

Gill has a new album out, Down to My Last Bad Habit. For more information, visit