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Watch David Bowie's Stirring 1996 Acoustic Performance of "Heroes"

With all the talk about David Bowie the fashion icon, David Bowie the actor and David Bowie the "glam-rock alien," we might be in danger of forgetting that he also was David Bowie the guitar player.

Below, check out a clip of Bowie performing an acoustic version of "Heroes" on October 20, 1996, at a benefit show for the Bridge School, which assists children with severe physical impairments and complex communication needs.

For this part of the his set, which took place in Mountain View, California, Bowie is joined by Reeves Gabrels on guitar and Gail Ann Dorsey on bass; and let's not forget the bottle cap taped to the bottom of Bowie's shoe.

A product of Bowie's "Berlin" period, 1977's "Heroes" has gone on to become one of Bowie's signature songs and is considered his second-most-covered song after "Rebel Rebel." Bowie's performance of "Heroes" on June 6, 1987, at the German Reichstag in West Berlin is considered—by some—a catalyst to the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall, similar to that of Bruce Springsteen's show at Radrennbahn Weissensee a year later.