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Watch Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel and Phil Collen Play the Blues

(Image credit: Dreamcatcher Events)

Last year, Joe Satriani hosted the 2017 G4 Experience—a four-day instructional/performance camp—at Asilomar Center in Pacific Grove, California.

Satch's special guests at the event—which honored the 30th anniversary of his landmark 1987 album, Surfing with the Alien—included Paul Gilbert, Def Leppard's Phil Collen, acoustic master Tommy Emmanuel and Ratt's Warren DeMartini.

Below, be sure to watch our exclusive video of a jam session featuring Satch, Emmanuel and Collen.

It even features Emmanuel on electric guitar (a fine-looking Tele)—a fairly rare sight these days. In the clip, the band tackles a fun I-IV-V blues-rocker in E, and there are plenty of fretwork fireworks to go around. And yes, that's Stu Hamm on bass.

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