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What's on my iPod - Blake Judd of Nachtmystium

  • 1. "Filth Pig" Ministry
  • “My personal favorite album from Ministry, Filth Pig represents to me the most impressive piece of industrial music laid to tape. You can hear a lot of these influences on our album Silencing Machine.”

2. "Drought" Deathspell Omega
“This new Deathspell Omega EP is amazing, especially ‘The Crackled Book of Life.’ It's a little proggy at times, but it holds my attention much better than their previous output.”

3. "Kronet Til Konge" Dødheimsgard
“One of the best Norwegian black metal records ever recorded! I absolutely adore this album, especially “A Slakte Gud.” Aldrahn is and always will be my favorite Norsk black metal vocalist. Great album, great band. Their entire catalog rules. If this is your introduction, you're welcome.”

4. "Flight of the Griffin" Griffin
“A highly underrated record from a criminally underrated band. This album came out in 1984 and is still better than most anything that calls itself power metal these days. Reminds me a bit of the first two Maiden records, especially in the vocal department.”

5. "The Red Eye of Wrath" Katharsis
“The Katharsis demos are some of the most savage black metal recordings ever laid to tape. I absolutely love these. Killer stuff!”

6. "Dummy" Portishead
“Great album. No one does it quite like Portishead, and this was their best effort.”