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Wilco Guitarist Nels Cline Announces New Album, 'Lovers'

Wilco guitarist Nels Cline has announced a new solo album, Lovers. The album, a two-disc set of self-proclaimed "mood music," is Cline's first for Blue Note Records, and will be available August 5.

Lovers was realized by Cline and an ensemble of 23 musicians and features Cline originals alongside Great American Songbook standards, plus songs by avant-garde luminaries Sonic Youth and Arto Lindsay. Each piece was conducted and arranged by Michael Leonhart.

“I've been dreaming about, planning and re-working my rather obsessive idea of this record for well over 25 years, and it was always going to be called Lovers,” Cline said.

“It is meant to be as personal in its sound and in its song selection as it is universal in its endeavor to assay or map the parameters of ‘mood’ as it once pertained, and currently pertains, to the peculiar and powerful connection between sound/song and intimacy/romance. In this, I hope Lovers offers something of an update of the ‘mood music’ idea and ideal, while celebrating and challenging our iconic notion of romance.”

You can watch the video for "Beautiful Love" below.