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Summer NAMM 2015: Peavey Electronics Robert Randolph Signature Gear — Video

Here's a cool product demo from Peavey Electronics featuring some Robert Randolph signature gear.

First up is the super cool Powerslide guitar. It's not a lap steel, not a resonator, and it's not a conventional steel guitar.

The Peavey Robert Randolph Power Slide is in response to a huge number of requests for a lap-type steel that could be played standing up. The shape of the Power Slide is designed to position the playing surface (fingerboard) to the left of the player's body allowing unhampered access to the playing surface. Check out Michael Smith from Peavey as he runs through its cool features.

Accompanying the Powerslide is the Robert Randolph Signature Steel amp.

This amp has a classic Peavey appearance that will be immediately familiar, but is jam-packed with modern features designed with and for Robert Randolph, one of the most recognizable and accomplished steel players of the modern era.

And a little bonus at the end. A sneak peek at the very practical and functional Transformer guitar stand. Super compact and easy to use, it's perfect for both acoustic and electric guitars.

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