Billy Gibbons Shows Custom Gibson and John Bolin Guitars from His Collection — Video

This video is a few years old, but if you missed it, it provides a great opportunity to see some of Billy Gibbons’ guitars up-close with narration from Billy himself.

In it, Gibbons and his tech Elwood take DunlopTV’s Bryan Kehoe backstage to show off a few of the guitars that he used on ZZ Top’s tour in support of their La Futura album.

Included are a John Bolin guitar with a chambered body, neck and headstock, a Gibson recreation of Billy’s famous “Pearly Gates” Les Paul, and one of his furry Gretsch guitars in the rectangular Bo Diddley shape, among several others.

Gibbons recently announced he’ll be releasing a Cuban-flavored solo album, Perfectamundo, in October. The record will be his first solo outing and will come out on Concord Records. Gibbons revealed to Billboard recently that as a teen he took Latin percussion classes from Tito Puente, who was a friend of his bandleader father, Freddie Royal. “Banging away on ’em came back like riding on a lost bicycle,” Gibbons said of playing Latin percussion again for his new album.

Stay tuned for more about Gibbons’ solo record. And as always, check out Dunlop’s YouTube page for more great videos.