THE FINE PRINT - Mustaine Madness

We get a lot of mail here at the GW headquarters, and most of it is fairly normal...CDs, letters from inmates with subscription problems, reader artwork, etc. But every now and then we get mail from someone who seems to be straddling the line between sane and insane, and I wanted to share one of those with you. For months, we've been on the receiving end of a steady stream of letters and packages from a woman, who shall remain nameless, who lives in some sort of mental facility she refers to as "program." And she's obsessed with both Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammett.Each week, she sends letters and packages to us hoping that we'll pass them along to Kirk and Dave (which, of course, we do not). Aside from the nutty, incoherent letters she writes, she often sends along such random items as bags of candy, Agatha Christie paperback books, artwork that would make a small child cry, food stamp receipts, V8 vegetable drink advertisements from magazines, and 4x6 photographs of her depressing apartment that show bottles upon bottles of detergent sitting on the floor.Here is one such letter, this one for Kirk on it to see it larger.JK