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Greetings from the (Cold) Road from Modern Day Escape's Mark Burn

So growing up in Orange County, California, doesn't really prepare you for the cold winter weather in the rest of the country!

I didn't even bring boots, gloves or a scarf and beanie. However, the shows have been going amazing on this tour. We just played Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the place was packed, great crowd.

The night before, at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado, James decided to go bowling for people and took out about five kids in the crowd with his trust fall, so sweet. Our next stop is Idaho Falls, Idaho, and I'm sure it's going to be getting even colder.

For the rest of the tour we have the amazing snow to drive through but nothing will stop Modern Day Escape!


Mark Burn is the guitarist in Modern Day Escape, who are touring with Wednesday 13 & Aiden on the Something Wicked This Way Comes Tour. Modern Day Escape's new album, Under the Gun, will be released March 27 via Standby Records.

Mark Burn photo: Jonathan Weiner